Sound On!

A sound artwork created by artist Sinead McCann in collaboration with artist AlanJames Burns and Saint John of God Liffey Service.*

Through an electric combination of recorded sounds, music, narrative and storytelling all made in creative workshops, the sound artwork explores the lived experience of human rights and happiness with people living with disabilities. The sound artwork is presented on a specially created inclusive website for a year-long on-line exhibition as part of the programming by Headway Arts UK.


We made class sounds, and listened back to our recordings on Zoom and WhatsApp. We boosted our health and our happiness. It was fab!!
David Carter, Sound On! Participant, Saint John of God Liffey Service


The Sound On! Creative project is a marvelous example of the importance of “creative partnerships” for disability services. The project took the creative skills of the two artists and the willingness to listen to the voice of the participants. The willingness of the artists to not only say they were going to work with the participants but to have the openness to include two co-designers from the target group from the start was crucial.
Sarah Boland, Assistive Technology Facilitator, Saint John of God Liffey Service

Sound On! is supported by funding from the Arts Council Artist in Community Scheme managed by Create, Creative Ireland and Kildare County Council, and Culture Ireland.

*Saint John of God Liffey Service provides a wide range of support services for people living with intellectual disabilities.

Listen to the 3 sound artworks below;

I Have the Right (2’ 47”)

Sounds of our Lives (3’ 51”)

Listen In (8’ 55”)

To read about our creative process: visit

Illustration credit: Sound On! illustration by Ashwin Chacko