Run Fast

A four hour live art performance and sculptural gallery installation by artist Sinead McCann

Featuring performance artist Denise Buckley, and actor Maura Foley.

Run Fast is part of a series of performances which explore the role of women’s work in child rearing and caring, specifically focusing on women parenting alone in receipt of social welfare support. The artwork explores a dysfunctional relationship between the state, a mother and a child’s father and this relationship manifests in a domestic scenario in the performance.

Text developed from the women’s testimonies gathered by the artist in the development of the artwork through conversations with women informed the production of the artwork.

This piece was developed and presented as part of Re-Framing the Domestic in Irish Art curated by Highlanes Director and curator Aoife Ruane, Artist Amanda Coogan and Art historian Jane Humphreys for the Highlanes Gallery Drogheda.

Photography by AlanJames Burn