Public No. 1

A site specific sound installation by artist Sinead McCann

Details: 4 constructed steel boxes with audio speakers fixed inside linked to a central audio system, fixed to the railings of John Street West, off Thomas Street, Dublin 8. Sound snippets played at 5 minute intervals for 20 minutes on a loop during the day for the 5 day Master of Fine Art Year 1 exhibition Gold Star, The Back Loft curated by artist Susan McWilliams.

Public Notice No. 1, was a collaboration with Coolmine Drug Rehabilitation Services. The artist worked with a group of men who were in recovery from drug misuse. Together through creative workshops they explored what was important to them now and into the future. Scripted narratives were developed from this process and the site was selected to present the work. The street is a short cut street and it is often where those who are homeless gather during the day. This sound artwork made some of their experiences visible. Invisible was a feeling some of the group had experienced when people passed them on the street. An actor with experience of drug misuse was employed to do the voiceover.

Self-funded by the artist

Photograph by Sinead McCann