A 10 day live art performance and sculptural installation by artist Sinead McCann

Featuring performance artist Denis Buckley, and actor Maura Foley

Interview is an ambitious 10 day live art performance and sculptural installation, the artwork always occupied by two performers during the opening times of the venue. Digital Hub Dublin 8.

Interview, developed out of a period of research investigating and examining the architectural features and designs of interview rooms in Social Welfare offices in Dublin in the mid 2000’s. This exploration was complemented by the artist talking to people about their experience within these confined and powerful spaces. What emerged from these discussions was how the design of these spaces reinforced a sense of surveillance and suspicion on the way people who received support lived their lives and these feelings informed the form and performance elements of the work.

Details: The artwork consisted of a 20’ high concrete block sculpture built to the floor specification (10’ x 9’ approx.) of the interviewee side of an interview room within a social welfare office. The concrete blocks were covered with plaster render with two standard door frames as entry and exit into the space. Six feet off the floor on the side of the inside of the sculpture was a wooden shelf. Where a male actor dressed in a black suit stood paced and walked up and down – like a human surveillance camera – watching each audience member as they entered the space. He never spoke, only observed and responded in silence. On entry into the sculpture – a number counter buzzed each audience member in. At head height – there was a window cut into the wall of the sculpture which led into an appendage made from wood and covered in concrete render on the outside, and blue carpet tiles on the inside. A female performer – appeared and disappeared into the appendage and she was observed by the other actor pacing on the shelf as well as the viewer. Her script and song was developed by testimony of women’s experience of being interviewed in social welfare office interview rooms.

Self-funded by the artist

Photographs by Miriam O’ Connor