A 2.5 hour site specific live art performance by artist Sinead McCann

From 4pm until the sun went down, the artist lay on the ground of a pathway in a busy park in a rural area in Bodh Gaya India, her body covered in loose tea, her face covered with a headpiece made from the emptied tea bags, while she sang. The words to the song were written in Hindi on the ground of the park. ‘Walk, Walk Slowly, Don’t Run, there is nowhere to get to, walk walk slowly….. Stay with your family.’

Grounded grew out of a one month residency entitled World Peace curated by Dianne Hagen and Sanjeev Sinha which took place in Bodh Gaya India with 40 international artists. Grounded is the artist’s response to the working conditions of women working in tea plantations within the region.

Funded by Culture Ireland, Arts Council of Ireland and Indian government.

Other artists representing Ireland include; Anna McCloud and Padraig Cunningham

Photography by Padraig Cunningham