Community Collaboration

I work across the community sector in Ireland offering one off workshops and talks, work on residencies, and I work on medium to larger scale longer term projects. Often these projects are made and presented locally, or made and presented in cultural venues or other significant sites. I feel passionately about how art provides us with another way of knowing ourselves and each other. Examples of community contexts I work creatively with include; Drug Addiction Services, The Irish Prison System, Probation Service and services supporting people on release from prison, Homeless Service, Disability Sector, Young people at risk, Women’s’ groups and support groups for people who are unemployed.

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University Collaboration

I collaborate creatively with professional researchers to bring their research themes and findings to new audiences, by drawing from their research to develop innovative artworks to be presented in leading cultural venues. I work with professional researchers during the development phase of writing a proposal for a research funding bid to include my fees and concepts in the funding bid. I create impactful creative public engagement with research programmes that complement traditional research dissemination activities for inclusion in research funding bids.

Recent work includes my writing bids with researchers for creative public engagement with research programmes to the Economic Research and Social Council UK and the Wellcome Trust UK.

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