Dr Sinead McCann


Image credit: Artist portrait printed on PVC hanging in a public park in Bahir India, presented as part of ‘World Peace’ an international residency and exhibition with 40 artists from across the world.

I am a Dublin based artist, and I am passionate about how art enhances our lives by offering us another way of knowing ourselves and each other. I have been working as an artist for over 16 years. I believe in the space art provides for people to connect with each other through sharing stories about the human experience. Responding to social inequality is at the core of my art practice. I am committed to making distinctive and innovative artworks, which add an artistic contribution to public debate on important issues in modern life. I work in a multi-disciplinary way in and across the mediums of performance, video, sound, installation and sculpture, often in a context, site or community way. I lead and develop collaborative creative projects with the community, education and arts sectors. My creative works are often co-authored with members of the respective collaborating communities. I often work with a broad range of creative professionals to make my creative work, and I develop and exhibit my work nationally and internationally in a broad range of contexts. I am supported, commissioned and funded by leading organisations in the arts, education and community sector to make and produce my creative works.

I completed my practice based PhD Fine Art Sculpture (2015) at the National College of Art and Design Dublin; Does it fail if it is only Art? The significance of using live performance art to make visible subjective experiences of women parenting alone within the conditions of neo-liberal biopower governance in Ireland. Since 2008, I have worked in Technological University Dublin developing community engaged projects as part of the curriculum across disciplines. I served on the board of directors of Common Ground 2013-2014.